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„China’s New Silk Road: Cooperation Instead of Isolation – The Role Exchange in World Trade“. Frankfurter Allgemeine,  Buch 2017 and 2 edition 2018.
For the first time, the global changes in the global economy, which are to be expected from China’s geopolitical action and analyzed as the antipole to Anglo-Saxon isolationism, are analyzed.  China, the Middle Kingdom as well as Germany  is subject of US-critics because of high trade excesses.  Therefore, the book revolves around the Chinese vision of new world trade routes modeled after the ancient Silk Road (s) into the 21st century – the „One Belt One Road (OBOR)“ initiative. Based on a historical excursion to the once world-wide trade routes, it is shown how both continents will be interlinked  on the land and the maritime route . This is not just about infrastructural measures, but also about the connection with innovation strategies in the key areas of every modern economy, such as digitization, resource conservation or mobility.
It was a surprising success for authors and publishers. 1000 copies in two
months are sold out.  A  Bestseller in mm 4/18 pl 5 and at Amazon a Bestseller in FB Asia / China No.1.  A Translation into Chinese at the Publishing House Guangdong Economy Publishing House CO, LTD
11-12F, No.11 Shuiyin Road Guangzhou 510075 China is in preparation. 

In the Spell of the dragon – the western wrestling with the rise of China

Continuation with new book „In the spell of the dragon – the western wrestling with the rise of China“, Frankfurter Allgemeine Buch Oct. 2018
Information on the German assessment of the development of relations with China is important. How should Germany want to position itself in relation to China now that there are such problems with the USA? How does the German economy rate the technology race with China? Where and how do we stay on an equal footing with China, what are our advantages and „unique selling propositions“ that China can not easily catch up or copy, etc.


Next Program meeting at June, 22th 2018 in Salzburg

Program Committee of the European  Academy of Siences and Arts

The task is to develop topics on a long term scale focusing the interdisciplinarity and transnationality based to our visions.

Basis will be the questionnaire of CAS (

(1) Trends and characteristics of the world science and technology up to 2035 and beyond;

(2) Trends and characteristics of the global economic and social development, and its S&T implication up to 2035;

(3) Major indicators and features of the world science and innovation powerhouse (countries);

(4) The strategies and approaches to be adopted by China should it want to be at the forefront of the world science and innovation powerhouse by 2035;

(5) Any suggestions and advice to CAS on the formulation of its Mid-and Long-term S&T Development Plan and that of China;

Establishment of the Silkroad University as Sino-European Belt and Road University in Berlin

The Silk road university as Sino European Belt & Road University is a foundation project as private-public-partnership in Berlin and along the whole silk road main cities.

In order to be able to interact with China and EU constructively and without friction losses, it will in future require a larger reservoir of experts covering various fields of knowledge about the countries. One of the biggest challenges for the development of China and vice versa EU competence is that it can hardly be realistically acquired in parallel with specialist training. In order to resolve this dilemma, it is recommended to establish offers to acquire knowledge of China and EU at various levels. Chinese knowledge, socio-cultural knowledge of China and EU, and intercultural competence should be central to these offerings.

Main objectives of the University will be the  interlinking of

  • research & development
  • education & continuing education as well as
  • support the forming of industrial standards too with lasting effects to sustainable innovation trends and enterprise foundations supported on the most modern lab and technology equipment and European and Chinese leading universities, scientists and academies
  • use internationally best practice teaching methods and simulation technologies, computer-aided design and blended learning.

Aims of the university will be the exchange of competences between China and Europe, trainings,  publications, studies and innovative virtual educational formats.

Training needs for schools, universities, SMEs and regions including tourism and the population in this field  are huge. Continuing education programs for Chinese in EU competence and for EU citizens especially related to the German Association for Small and Medium-sized Businesses (BVMW)  in China competence will be basically  for a strong social, economical and cultural interchange.